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Thursday, 02 April 2020 17:51

Sony sets a 6-film Columbia Classics 4K Collection for June, plus Shout!/Scream’s July Blu-ray slate

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The big news today is just breaking: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release a Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection of 6 films on 6/16.

Included will be Lawrence of Arabia, Ghandi, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Dr. Strangelove, Jerry Maguire, and A League of Their Own. They’ll come in a limited edition box set (only 8,000 unites) with a hardbound 80-book and lots of extras (over 30 hours in fact). Jerry Maguire and A League of Their Own were actually chosen by a poll of online consumers.

You can see the studio’s official promotional trailer for the release below... [Read on here...]

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Here it is...

And here’s the most interesting thing: Retail sources have been telling me over the last couple days that Sony was actually preparing nearly 20 classic films for release on 4K Ultra HD this year. And in fact, this collection is branded as Volume I. Which means you’re likely to see more volumes follow later in 2020 and beyond. Here’s what this volume will look like all opened up...

Columbia Classics 4K Collection: Volume 1

It’s not up for pre-order yet on Amazon, but we’ll post the retail link soon.

Meanwhile today, Shout! Factory and Scream Factory have just announced their July Blu-ray and DVD slate!

Look for it to include Sesame Street: When You Wish Upon a Pickle on DVD on 7/7, Bob Brooks’ Tattoo (1981) and Don Sharp’s The Kiss of the Vampire: Collector’s Edition (1963) on Blu-ray 7/14, Bert I. Gordon’s War of the Colossal Beast (1958) and Herbert L. Strock’s How to Make a Monster (1958) on Blu-ray and Northern Exposure: The Complete Series on DVD on 7/21, and finally Ralph S. Singleton’s Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift (1990), Roman Polanski’s The Tenant (1976), and Steve Beck’s Thirteen Ghosts: Collector’s Edition (2001) on Blu-ray on 7/28.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned!

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