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In this section, we present all the latest cover artwork for upcoming Blu-ray, DVD and Video Game releases, organized in a handy street date calendar format! Clicking on each cover image will take you to the pre-order page for that title (at prices 25-45% off the SRP). By pre-ordering them through our links you're helping to support our on-going work here at The Digital Bits, which we really appreciate! Below you'll find selection menus that allow you to choose the Format you'd like to see, filter by category (Blu-ray, DVD, Game System) and sort the results in Alphabetical or Bestselling order. You can use the navigation links to look ahead to upcoming releases or back to previous ones, arranged by street date. There's also a magnifying glass icon under each cover hover your pointer over it to display full resolution artwork where available. (Please be aware that some covers may include contain occasional nudity or gruesome imagery which is out of our control.) We hope you find the section helpful and use it often!

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The Walking Dead: Season 4 [Blu-ray]
The Walking Dead: Season 4 Limited Edition [Blu-ray]
Sons of Anarchy: Season 6 [Blu-ray]
Blended [Blu-ray]
Belle [Blu-ray]
On the Beach [Blu-ray]
The Double [Blu-ray]
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return [Blu-ray]
Legend of Hell House [Blu-ray]
Normal Heart [Blu-ray]
Dance of Reality [Blu-ray]
Thick As a Brick Live in Iceland [Blu-ray]
All That Jazz [Blu-ray]
What's New Pussycat? [Blu-ray]
Cast a Giant Shadow [Blu-ray]
Haven: Complete Fourth Season [Blu-ray]
Musketeers, The [Blu-ray]
Heaven's Lost Property Forte: Season 2 Classic [Blu-ray]
Kinmoza: Complete Collection [Blu-ray]
Sleeping Beauty [Blu-ray]
Watamote: Complete Collection [Blu-ray]
101 Dalmatians [Blu-ray]
Hell of the Living Dead/Rats Night of Terror [Blu-ray]
Queen Margot [Blu-ray]
Jersey Shore Massacre [Blu-ray]
Vengeance Is Mine [Blu-ray]
Aftermath [Blu-ray]
High School Confidential [Blu-ray]
Strauss: Elektra [Blu-ray]
Moribito - Complete Series [Blu-ray]
Cat Run 2 [Blu-ray]
Yuri Temirkanov conducts Rachmaninov & Rimsky-Korsakov [Blu-ray]
Fantasia [Blu-ray]
The Possession of Michael King [Blu-ray]
Rossini: L'italiana in Algeri [Blu-ray]
Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas [Blu-ray]
I've Always Loved You [Blu-ray]
Classical Archive Collectors Edition, Vol. 4 - Conductors [Blu-ray]
André Tchaikowsky: Merchant of Venice [Blu-ray]
Poppea // Poppea [Blu-ray]
Blu-ray Audio Signature Classical Collection 40 Discs 7.1 DTS-HD 3D Sound [Blu-ray]
Rocky [Blu-ray]
Arrows Into Infinity [Blu-ray]
TT 2014 Blu-ray [Blu-ray]
Uta No Prince Sama 2000%: Complete Collection [Blu-ray]
Masterpiece: Breathless [Blu-ray]
Heatstroke [Blu-ray]
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [Blu-ray]
Jackpot [Blu-ray]
Acoustic Reality Experience Classical 12 Discs Blu-ray Audio Collection 7.1 DTS-HD 3D Sound [Blu-ray]
Cinderella [Blu-ray]
Bambi [Blu-ray]
Lady and the Tramp [Blu-ray]
Alice in Wonderland [Blu-ray]
Dumbo [Blu-ray]
Live From Salzburg [Blu-ray]
Peter Pan [Blu-ray]
Pinocchio [Blu-ray]
Jazz Big Band Classics 40 Discs Blu-ray Audio Collection Restored [Blu-ray]
The Walking Dead: Season 4
Sons of Anarchy: Season 6
Criminal Minds: Season 9
Elementary: Season 2
Leslie Sansone: Mix & Match Walk Blasters
Revenge: Season 3
Normal Heart
Love Punch
Haven: Complete Fourth Season
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
Musketeers, The
Gravity Falls: Even Stranger
Blandings, Series 2
Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete Series
The Equalizer The Complete Season 2
Inspector Manara: Season 1
Murder in Suburbia Complete Collection
Wiggles: Apples & Bananas
The Double
My Gal Sunday
Lucky in Love
Now & Again: The Dvd Edition
Lego Friends: Friends Are Forever
The Dance of Reality
Special Agent Oso: License to Play
I Am Happiness On Earth
Portlandia: Season 4
Twilight Zone 80s: The Complete Series
Donna Detective: Season 1
Inspector Manara: Season 2
Dinosaur Train: Classic in the Jurassic
Henry Hugglemonster: Roarsome Tales
Masterpiece: Breathless
A Promise
Cast a Giant Shadow
Good Luck Charlie: So Long Farewell
Thick As a Brick Live in Iceland
Wicked Tuna: Season 3
Aces High
The Stream
The Elephant Man
Revelation Trail
Friendly Fire
Life for Life: Maximilian Kolbe
75 Years of Wwii
Fatal Fury Complete Ova Series
Young & Beautiful
Earth: The Sequel
Fatal Fury the Movie
Strauss: Elektra
Arrows Into Infinity
Trust Me
Blood Glacier
Heartland: Complete Fourth Season
Medieval Lives
Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas
Austin & Ally: Chasing the Beat
Watamote: Complete Collection
Gene Autry Movie Collection 7
Sherlock Holmes And The Shadow Watchers
Norton, Jim - American Degenerate
A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica, Part 1 & 2
Jersey Shore Massacre
Glass: Spuren der Verirrten - The Lost
Cybersix Complete TV Series
The Men From Shiloh: Special Edition - The Final Season from The Virginian
Toriko: Collection One
Cavalli: Elena
Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Platinum Collection
Project Wild Thing
Cat Run 2
What's New Pussycat?
Fear in the Night
Cesare Mori - The Complete Series
Giovani Falcone: The Judge / Borsellino: The 57 Days
Sonno Profondo  - Limited Edition
Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie
André Tchaikowsky: Merchant of Venice
Bus, The
President Wolfman
Rossini: L'italiana in Algeri
Die Jungs Exo
I've Always Loved You
The Hills Run Red / Apache
Amateur Porn Star Killer: The Complete Collection
WWII Diaries Complete
Circle The Wagen
The Videos - 1989-2004
Cliff 'Em All
River of Skulls
Criterion Collection: Golden Age of Television
Fall Away
Miley Cyrus: Xplicit
Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum
Wes Craven Presents: Don't Look Down
Uta No Prince Sama 2000%: Complete Collection
Scare Zone: Halloween Horror
Forbidden Girl
Little Women
King Of The Deathmatch 20th Anniversary
On the Beach
Pot Zombies 2
Tvxq! The 4th World Tour Catch Me in Seoul
Dragon Blade: How to Train and Fight Dragons!
The Great Western Collection - Volume 1
Living With Cancer: Caring For The Caregivers
Wrestling Classics Vol 3
Sir Laurence Olivier's Shakespeare Collection
Spiritual Life Coaching
The Possession of Michael King
My Fair Zombie
High School Confidential
Cunning Stunts
Kinmoza: Complete Collection
American Artifact: The Rise Of American Rock Poster Art
Ride for Lance
Criminal Minds: Nine Season Pack
All That Jazz
Animal House Of Blues
Poppea // Poppea
Cross Country Pimping 5: Truth Be Told
Greencard Warriors
Evgeny Kissin: Gift of Music
Stress Position
The Captive
It Was You Charlie
Mystery World of Sex
Super Seniors: Box Balance & Lift with Megan McCracken
The Great Western Collection - Volume 2
Queen Margot
Führer Cult and Megalomania
Mit dem Zug durch die Rockies
Same Same But Different
The Siege of Leningrad
Rulers of Darkness
House of Mirrors
Ghost Bird
Nunchaku - Master Bruce Lee's Weapon
Yuri Temirkanov conducts Rachmaninov & Rimsky-Korsakov
Goosebumps: Scary House / Ghost Beach / A Night
Gerald Kelly: Live on Broadway
Moribito - Complete Series
Mandela, Nelson - Father Of A Nation
Vinyl Tap Tour: Every Song Tells a Story
Glacial Balance
Bongo Killer Clown
Telephone World
Shock: My Abstraction Of Death
Angry Kelly
Clown's Recovery
You Really Got Me/Beat Beat Beat
Arizonas Süden
8 American Horror Stories
The Tribe Of Misfits
Miracle at Medinah - The Incredible Behind the Scenes Story
Die Bibelbauern
10-Movie Collection featuring Brad Pitt
Ray Bradbury Theater V.2
Do No Harm
Truth in Numbers
Adcc Greatest Matches 2 David Vs Goliath
Aleister Crowley: Legend of the Beast
A Doula Story
Female MMA Retribution
Ray Bradbury Theater V.1
St. Lucia
K-1: Rules Kick Boxing - 2004 Heavyweight Tournament
PA Hardcore
German Doctor the
Classic Cars
Die Jungs Exo Premium Set
Ultimate Dance Instruction
Le Medecin De Famille
Türkische Ägäis

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