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Sunday, 29 May 2022 15:41

BREAKING: European retail sources reveal that Star Trek V, VI, and The Motion Picture: Director’s Edition will hit 4K Ultra HD in September

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We’ll be back on Tuesday (after the long Memorial Day weekend holiday here in the States) with our usual news and reviews updates, but we’ve got a bit of breaking news that is too important to sit on until then.

Retail sources in Europe have begun dropping pre-order listings for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and the Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition in 4K Ultra HD. The Director’s Edition we already knew was coming in September as announced by Paramount when it debuted on Paramount+.

The European listings suggest that each title will arrive at retail individually, V on 9/12 (which would be 9/13 here in the States), VI on 9/19 (9/20 in the States), and finally The Director’s Edition on 9/26 (9/27 here). Those dates seem entirely consistent with what we would expect here on this side of the Atlantic. [Read on here...]

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Obviously, none of this is official until Paramount actually makes it so in a press release, but now we can safely assume that the remaining original cast films will all arrive in September. Also, keep in mind that Paramount may handle the release differently here in the States than the release plan in Europe. It could be that the films will come in another 4K UHD box set, as opposed to singles. We’ll have to wait and see.

As for the Next Generation films in 4K Ultra HD, our guess would be that Paramount intends to drop those in time for the holidays this year or early next year, probably timed to the release of the recent season of Star Trek: Picard on Blu-ray or the release of the show’s final season (either on Paramount+ or Blu-ray).

In any case, we also think it’s safe to assume that all of the remaining classic Trek films will finally be released in 4K Ultra HD over the coming months. Thanks to Bits reader Ben G. for the heads-up!

Enjoy the rest of your long holiday weekend, everyone! We strongly suggest checking out Top Gun: Maverick at your local IMAX theater. It’s absolutely a fantastic pure-cinema experience made for the big screen.

And we’ll leave you with a look at the cover art for the already available 4K UHD pre-orders on Amazon below...

Top Gun: Maverick (4K Ultra HD) Top Gun: Maverick (Steelbook 4K Ultra HD) Top Gun: 2-Movie Collection (4K Ultra HD)

Stay tuned...!

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