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Monday, 27 March 2017 16:41

Lionsgate sets Dredd, Snitch & Ex Machina for 4K on 6/6, plus reviews of Harry Potter & Planet Earth II in 4K

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All right, this is just a quick update for this afternoon and it’s all 4K. The reason is that I’m near the end of a big 4K Ultra HD review marathon of Warner’s new Harry Potter titles, which all street tomorrow. So over the weekend I’ve posted reviews of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, and just a short time ago I posted my review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. For those of you who may be wondering why Warner released only the four later film in the series in 4K Ultra HD, it’s likely because – being the most recent – they required the least amount of work to prepare for the format, and they were all directed by David Yates, which makes the mastering approval process faster and easier. The first four films in this series are all coming to 4K Ultra HD as well, either later this year in time for the holidays or next year (it remains to be seen). Also for those of you who may be wondering: No, they do NOT have Dolby Vision. But they do look pretty terrific, with modest improvements in resolution and sound (DTS:X) but the HDR does make a big difference here. It really brings these films to life. [Read on here…]

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Also here at The Bits today (in case you missed it when I first posted it on Friday morning) I’ve got a new review of the BBC’s Planet Earth II in 4K Ultra HD. That is a revelation, worth every penny and every minute of your time. It too streets tomorrow.

And with those reviews, I’ve now reviewed a total of 50 titles on the 4K Ultra HD format – a nice milestone that will be eclipsed later this afternoon or this evening when I finish my review of Warner’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which also streets on Blu-ray, DVD and 4K tomorrow. And then I’ve got to get those hardware reviews I’ve been promising up later this week. No rest for the weary!

Before I go today, there’s a bit of new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release news this afternoon: Lionsgate has just officially set Snitch, Ex Machina, and Dredd for release on the format on 6/6. Each will include the Blu-ray edition plus a Digital Copy, and will include most or all of the extras from the Blu-ray release (SRP $22.99 each). Snitch and Dredd will offer Dolby Atmos audio, while Ex Machina will include DTS:X. You can see the cover artwork below (click the covers to pre-order them on – links will be added as soon as they’re available)...

Dredd (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) Ex Machina (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) Snitch (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)

Despicable Me (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) Despicable Me 2 (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) The Great Wall (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)

Back later with that Fantastic Beasts review. Stay tuned!

- Bill Hunt


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