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Fox’s X-Files: S8 replacement discs shipping, plus Twilight’s May/June slates & my SPECTRE BD review

February 8, 2016 - 5:41 pm   |   by
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Merry Monday. We hope the weekend treated you all well.

Today’s is a quick update, as I was up late last night finishing my review of MGM’s SPECTRE on Blu-ray, which streets tomorrow. So my review of SPECTRE is, in fact, the first thing I wanted to mention here today. I’m a huge Bond fan and have really liked the Daniel Craig era thus far, but with SPECTRE I feel as if EON may have jumped the shark. What would the Bond equivalent be? Jumped the Thames, I suppose. Anyway, do check out the review, see what I mean, and let me know what you think on Facebook and Twitter (via the links above).  [Read on here…]

Now then... a bit of announcement news...

First of all, for those of you who have purchased Fox’s The X-Files: The Complete Seasons 1-9 or The X-Files: Season 8 on Blu-ray Disc, as you know the Season 8 BDs were plagued with a black level problem affecting all the episodes in the season. Well, Fox has informed me that corrected discs are now available and are finally shipping out to those of you who have requested them via Fox Customer Service. So watch your mailboxes. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our review of the discs here – at the end you’ll find instructions on how to get your replacement disc request in.

Also today, Scream Factory has officially set their Murders in the Rue Morgue/The Dunwich Horror Blu-ray double feature for release on 3/29. Extras will include audio commentary with author and film historian Steve Haberman on each film, the Stage Tricks & Screen Frights featurette (on Murders in the Rue Morgue), and the theatrical trailer for each film.

Meanwhile, our friends over at Twilight Time have officially revealed their May and June Blu-ray slates, which are set to include...

May – I Could Go on Singing (1963), Eureka (1983), Garden of Evil (1954), Cat Ballou (1965), and Appassionata (1975) all on 5/10.

June – Romeo Is Bleeding (1993), Inserts (1975), The House of the Baskervilles (1959), The Member of the Wedding (1952), The Panic in Needle Park (1971), and the Rollerball: Encore Edition (1975) all on 6/14.

By the way, in case you missed it, Twilight’s April slate will include A Prayer for the Dying (1987), Cutter’s Way (1981), Chato’s Land (1971), In the French Style (1963), Julia (1977), and the Thunderbolt and Lightfoot: Encore Edition (1974) all on 4/12.

Finally today, for those of you who like to pre-order your favorite blockbusters before they’re officially announced, Amazon is now soliciting pre-orders for Disney’s The Finest Hours on Blu-ray and DVD.

That’s all for now. More tomorrow. Stay tuned...

Bill Hunt (@BillHuntBits)


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