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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 15:00

Blu-ray News – Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation official, plus American Ultra & some bits on Iron Giant & The X-Files

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Well… Amazon UK has essentially confirmed what we already knew, which is that Brad Bird’s remastered The Iron Giant is coming to Blu-ray soon. has a “To Be Announced” listing for the Blu-ray SKU up. The movie comes back to theaters for event showings tomorrow and Sunday (10/4), so I would expect an official Blu-ray announcement as early as next week. The disc will certainly be available in time for the holidays. It’s kind of the perfect holiday gift title.  [Read on here…]

I’m also hearing more and more word from industry insiders that Fox is finally getting ready to release The X-Files: The Complete Series on Blu-ray Disc. The studio also isn’t confirming, which is another good sign. If the answer was no, we’d get a definitive no. So… this would be a very nice development. Now the question is, will fans stand up and buy the discs? We’ve heard December is a possibility (the Australian Board of Classification site listed a street date of 12/9), which would make sense given that the new limited series starts in January. Meanwhile, the latest official promo for the new series’ return on Fox is making people happy all over the Internet today. Check it out below…

On that note, Bits reader Andrew B. shared this Livestream link with us (re: X-Files on Blu-ray) and I think it’s illuminating. It’s of a live event with Chris Carter back in July, but it should still be news to some of you. Carter was asked if fans would ever see the series released on Blu-ray (at 48:55). His answer: “Yes, I imagine that you will.” A moment later, he was asked how he felt about The X-Files being remastered in HD for 1.78 widescreen – if he’d have a problem with it. His answer: “We actually protected for HD when we shot the show from the very beginning and that was really the wisdom of [cinematographer] John Bartley, knowing that one day we’d be in that aspect ratio.” The host then seeks to clarify that Carter wouldn’t have a problem with the show being seen in widescreen and he replies: “Not letterboxed, but 16x9... yes, it wouldn’t be a problem.” Very interesting. Thanks to Andrew for the link.

The big piece of announcement news today is that Paramount has just officially set Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation for release on Blu-ray Combo and DVD on 12/15 (SRP $39.99 and $29.99), with digital due on 11/17. There will also be a 5-film Mission: Impossible Collection release on Blu-ray and DVD on 12/15 (SRP $64.99). Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation on Blu-ray will include audio commentary by Tom Cruise and director/screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, and 7 documentary featurettes (Lighting the Fuse, Cruise Control, Heroes, Cruising Altitude, Mission: Immersible, Sand Theft Auto, and The Missions Continue). The Blu-ray will also include a digital copy and Dolby Atmos audio. Apparently, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy will each have exclusive packaging and bonus content (will these studios never learn?).

Meanwhile, Lionsgate has confirmed the 11/10 BD and DVD release of American Ultra, and revealed that the Blu-ray will include audio commentary with director Nima Nourizadeh, 2 featurettes (Activating American Ultra and Assassinating on a Budget), and a gag reel.

Scream Factory has set Blood and Lace for Blu-ray/DVD release on 11/24, with a new HD transfer of the film, audio commentary by film historian Richard Harland Smith, an alternate opening title sequence, and the original theatrical trailer.

And Universal has set The Gift for release on Blu-ray Combo, DVD and digital on 10/27. Extras will include feature commentary with writer/director Joel Edgerton, 2 featurettes (Karma for Bullies and The Darker Side of Jason Bateman), deleted scenes, and an alternate ending.

Also, Amazon already has a Blu-ray pre-order link up for The Big Bang Theory: Season Nine. Street is TBA and certainly not until next year, but the SRP is $49.99.

We’ll leave you with a look at a more Blu-ray cover artwork, with Amazon pre-order links if they exist…

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (Blu-ray Disc)    My Fair Lady: 50th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Disc)    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Extended Edition (Blu-ray Disc)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Extended Edition (Blu-ray 3D)    The Hobbit Trilogy: Extended Edition (Blu-ray Disc)    The Hobbit Trilogy: Extended Edition (Blu-ray 3D)

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Extended Edition (Blu-ray 3D WETA Amazon exclusive)

Note that The Hobbit Trilogy: Extended Edition Blu-ray 3D set (seen above) is Amazon-exclusive, as is The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Extended Edition with WETA figure (pictured above in Blu-ray 3D – it also comes in a regular BD version available for pre-order here).

Stay tuned...

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