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Doogan’s Queue for July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014 - 12:45 pm   |   by
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Howdy folks! July is cooking on by, isn’t it? Here we are at the mid-way point and it feels like it was June yesterday. But never mind that, you’re not here to hear about my thoughts on time passage dynamics. You’re here to see what’s streetin’ this week. Not much it turns out, but there are some choice cuts. let’s check them out, shall we? [Read on here…]

Black Dynamite: Season One (Blu-ray Disc)

Black Dynamite: Season One – Again, I need to point out I work at Adult Swim, but I don’t make the shows, so I have no problem telling you, you should watch. Black Dynamite has probably the best Pilot episode I’ve ever seen here. The show is good, but never touched the insane brilliance that was the Pilot. As much as I like the show, I love the film and do hope they make another film. Season Two of the animated show is in production and is just as good as the first season, so never fear.

Open Grave – The ol’ gang of thieves all wake up with no memory of who is the thief, who is a cop and/or who is a victim. But this one stars Sharlto Copley, so hopefully it’s better than average.

Orphan Black: Season Two – If you’re not watching this show, what the hell, yo? There is something wrong with you. Get off your ass and do something productive like go get this set and the first season and sit on your ass and watch it. It’s modern sci-fi with film noir, conspiracy and really great acting. I won’t spoil it for you, because I went in blind and fell in love by episode two; so you should do it the same way. Trust.

Rio 2 – Haven’t seen it. Love animation. Didn’t love the first film. Looks like more of the same to me.

Under the Skin (Blu-ray Disc)A Night in Old Mexico – Featuring the pedigree of Robert Duvall re-teaming with Lonesome Dove screenwriter Bill Wittliff, you’d think this would be a must-see. And based on reviews out of SXSW, you’d be right. I can’t wait to check out Duvall as a cantankerous rancher who is kicked off his land and into, as the title says, Old Mexico for a last hurrah of sorts.

Pickpocket – Robert Bresson’s quiet classic about a thief and some choice he makes during a short sliver of his life gets the Criterion Blu upgrade this week. One of two Criterion’s coming this week. The other is...

Scanners – Been waiting for this one for a long, long time. I’m going to be at Barnes and Nobel today picking this up for 50% off. Nothing better than half-off HD Cronenberg. I’m a man of simple passions, it turns out.

Under the Skin – Bill loved this. I loved Sexy Beast. I also love Scarlett, so this looks like a no-brainer for me. I’ll be watching this one this week definitely.

Next week is Comic-Con, and of course it’s one of the busiest release weeks since I started this column. Sucks for me, but it’s all sunshine and rainbows for you. Keep spinnin’ those discs while I get a jump on next week’s list.

– Todd Doogan



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