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Pick-Ups for the Week of July 25, 2016

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Welcome to a new edition of Pick-Ups!

After a two week leave of absence, I’m back. I hope all of you enjoyed all of the Comic-Con announcements and festivities if you were lucky enough to be there. I personally was excited for Shout! Factory’s announcements, as well as the Netflix Marvel shows’ trailers. Great stuff to look forward to. [Read on here...]

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By the way, I’ve been heavy into podcasts lately, and I thought I’d mention three of my current favorites: Lore, Killer POV, and Shock Waves. These are great podcasts for genre fans. Lore gets into the myths and folklore behind a variety of different horror-related subjects, while the folks at Killer POV and Shock Waves dig into all things horror with some special guests within the film industry. All three are terrific, so do check them out if you haven’t already. Also, I haven’t had a chance to see Star Trek Beyond yet, but based upon on what Bill has been saying, it should be pretty enjoyable. I plan on pairing it up with Suicide Squad in a couple of weeks, so I look forward to that.

Now let’s get to work. Just to reiterate, I’m reviewing 3 titles a week now, mainly to give myself more time to spend on them so I don’t have to rush through them; but also, I’m working on other projects, so it’s keeping me busy. This week I’ll be checking out a new title from Synapse Films and one from The Film Detective, as well. The third one will be a surprise. As usual, we’ll be rolling each review out one at a time all week, so be sure to check back for new ones.

Click on the links below to check them all out:

While you’re at it, if you see something you like, why don’t you purchase it through the Amazon links that we’ve provided in each review? A portion of anything that you order from Amazon after clicking through to them from our links goes to help support our work here at The Bits, and we really do appreciate your support.

Also, if you dig my opinions and such, why don’t you please take some time to check out my podcast, simply called Podcast Salmonella. I try and put up a new episode as often as I can. Myself and various guests have fun chats about movies, music, comic books, etc. So do check it out on both YouTube and Soundcloud.

Well, that’s all from me for this week, so enjoy the reviews!

- Tim Salmons 

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