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Continuum: S3, Paranoia, Atlantis, Looney Tunes: Platinum V3 update & other release news

January 14, 2014 - 2:00 pm   |   by
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Our very own Dr. Adam Jahnke has posted a new review of Ziad Doueiri’s The Attack on Blu-ray Disc. The title is now available from Cohen Media Group. Sounds like an interesting film, so do check it out.

In announcement news today, Universal has set Continuum: Season Two for BD and DVD release on 3/25. Extras will include commentary with the cast and crew on most episodes and the Continuum: Behind the Scenes featurette. They also have Psych: The Complete Eighth Season coming on DVD only on 4/1, with podcasts, extended scenes and more.   [Read on here…]

20th Century Fox has set the CG-animated Freebirds for Blu-ray Combo and DVD release on 2/4, followed by Paranoia on Blu-ray Combo and DVD on 2/24, and The Book Thief on Blu-ray Combo and DVD on 3/11.

Meanwhile, Sony has set the cheesy Syfy movie Beast of the Bering Sea for DVD only release on 3/25.

On the classic TV front, CBS has set Petticoat Junction: The Official Third Season and The Beverly Hillbillies: The Official Fourth Season for DVD only release on 4/15.

MPI Home Video has set Abdallah Omeish’s The War Around Us for Blu-ray/DVD Combo release on 5/6.

I believe we’ve mentioned this before, but Warner has set Paramount’s Funny Face and Sabrina for Blu-ray release on 4/8.

The BBC is releasing the first season of its new Atlantis TV series on Blu-ray and DVD here in the States on 3/18.

Magnet has set Here Comes the Devil for Blu-ray on 3/18.

And in other news, this would normally go in The Rumor Mill but it’s quick so I’ll post it here: Word from our studio sources is that Warner’s long-awaited Looney Tunes: Platinum Collection – Volume 3 Blu-ray set is being prepared for release sometime later this year. I suspect Jerry Beck’s probably commented on this over at his excellent Cartoon Research site or on Cartoon Brew. Now if we could just get WHV to do a Compleat Tex Avery BD set, we’d really be in business.

And in other news today, Home Media has posted the results of a recent Harris poll of consumers that indicates most people still like to buy and rent their media content on disc. No surprise there.

And arstechnica has posted a interesting piece on this new trend in curved display screens seen at CES this year. Is it mostly a gimmick, or can it offer real benefits? The answers seem to be: Yes, and maybe in very specific situations. More here.

We’ll leave you today with a look at more hot new Blu-ray cover artwork. Here’s Warner’s Sorcerer (due 4/22 and now available for pre-order on Amazon by clicking on the cover), Fox’s updated The Book Thief art (3/11), Spike Lee’s Oldboy from Sony (3/4), History’s Big History (3/11), and Universal’s Far and Away and Fried Green Tomatoes (both 3/4)…

Sorcerer (Blu-ray Disc)    The Book Thief (Blu-ray Disc)    Oldboy (Blu-ray Disc)

Big History (Blu-ray Disc)    Far and Away (Blu-ray Disc)    Fried Green Tomatoes (Blu-ray Disc)

Stay tuned…

- Bill Hunt


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