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Tuesday, 23 September 2014 13:49

Doogan’s Queue for September 23, 2014

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Fall is here officially in the US, so I guess the heat wave attacking California can shut the eff up now. Let’s all hope for small miracles, huh?

This week is all about the Blu upgrade re-releases and horror titles. Lots of good stuff, couple of “eh” – so let’s take a look at what I think you should look at this week.  [Read on here…]

Ghost in the Shell: 25th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Disc)

The Exorcist: The Complete Anthology – This set includes The Exorcist in both its original and directors cut flavors, The Exorcist II: The Heretic, The Exorcist III and both of the prequels: The Exorcist: The Beginning and Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist. Some of these will be available individual, but with an Amazon price of 29 bucks, you should just bite the bullet and pick up the set. The first and 3rd films are worth it for that price alone.

Ghost in the Shell: 25th Anniversary Edition – I love this film. Always have. It’s in my top five anime films and I don’t see it ever moving out of that spot. This is a no-brainer upgrade for me, and if you know nothing about this film (if so, for shame) go right in blind and enjoy that experience because that right there – seeing this film for the first time – people would pay money for that feeling.

Halloween: The Complete Collection – Jahnke is diving into this set full force, unofficially kicking off his Hell Plaza Oktoberfest a week early with his set-up review. Check it out here.

Halloween: The Complete Collection (Blu-ray Disc)The Innocents – Criterion sent out its annual horror titles this week, and The Innocents is one of the little-seen classics of British gothic horror at its best. Henry James’ Turn of the Screw serves as the base of this creepy soup, with Deborah Kerr and Michael Redgrave as the meat and cinematographer Freddie Francis, the veggies. It’s creepy, atmospheric and definitely a welcome addition to the Criterion library.

Macbeth – Criterion’s other release this week if Polanski’s retelling of the Scottish play – a fine horror film, a great adaptation on its own and timely in the wake of Scotland in the news.

Neighbors and Neighbors – is a comedy starring Seth Rogan and Zac Ephron that I haven’t seen, but will. The other is a creepy comedy “horror” film that I can’t wait to see again starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. Both are out this week.

The Rover – I really want to see this one. The trailer is atmospheric as hell and just looks like it will cause you to sweat as you dive into it. It almost seems like a Mad Max prequel if you squint at right and cock your head a little to the left. Stars Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson and Scoot McNairy.

Saw: Complete Collection – At five bucks a movie, you really can’t go wrong if you’re a fan of these films. I wouldn’t pay 5 a film, but you might and this set exists to take your cash.

Star Trek: The Compendium (Blu-ray Disc)The Signal – Low-budget sci-fi seems to do really well. Primer was good. There’s this flick on Netflix right now called The Machine with Arrow’s Caity Lotz that is highly watchable. So, I’ll give this Larry Fishburn venture a chance and check it out.

Star Trek: Compendium – Bill worked mighty hard to bring this one to the fans. You can read his review of this set here.

We Are the Best! – I thought this was a documentary. It’s not. It’s a Swedish-Danish film adapted from a graphic novel about early 80s punk rock and I’m hooked. Definitely will be checking this one out this week.

TV Releases of NoteBrooklyn Nine-Nine, Defiance: Season 2, How I Met Your Mother: Season 9, Key and Peele: Season 3, Modern Family: Season 5, Mom: Season 1 and Scandal: Season 3.

See? Lots of horror – mostly good. A couple of “eh” stuff (mostly reped by the TV stuff which didn’t thrill me this week). But still, all told, I’ll be down a few hundred bucks this week when I pick up my titles. Come back next week to find out how I spend even more money on physical disc media. Should be fun.

Keep spinnin’ those discs,

– Todd Doogan


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