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Lots of good fun stuff coming out this week to Blu-ray.

And you know what – tell those digital-only snobs to shove it and go and buy some solid in-hand Blu-rays this week. It doesn’t have to be one of these below, but damnit, there’s nothing like having your own disc media in your hot, sweaty hands. [Read on here…]

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Well look at that – you guys actually want to hear from me once a week. Your wish is my command. Unless Bill lied to me, and only HE wants to hear from me. In that case... because you didn’t ask for it: here’s a rundown of all sorts of things you can buy to own or rent to watch on Blu/DVD/download/MOD – no promises it’ll be available everywhere, but that’s life for you, right?  [Read on here…]

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Hey-hey, my-my, physical media will never die – stick a pencil in my eye, let’s rhyme a bunch of words up.

I used to do this a few years back, and I found the column to be beneficial because – like the philosophy many porn stars have – I do it anyway, might as well get paid for it. Since I still keep track of these new releases for rent and purchase on my own, Bill thought it would be good to bring this back to The Bits. Let him know if he was right or wrong.

With that, here’s a listing of everything (of note) that will be available in stores/online for purchase on Tuesday. Many have already been available on digital demand (iTunes, satellite/cable VOD, Sony Network, Vudu, etc) so if that’s how you consume, you most likely already know they are out. [Read on here…]

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