Star Wars: A New Hope – A Visual Guide to Changes, Fixes, and Tweaks in the Disney+ 4K Version

December 4, 2019 - 3:39 pm   |   by
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An example of (what I assume to be) the upscaled 2004 Jabba.



When this shot was redone by Pacific Title in 1997, they made the light reflecting off of the ceiling strut into part of the blaster hit. This was not corrected for the 4K.


Laser Color

This shot was redone by Pacific Title in 1997, but the bolt lost color in 2004. It retains its color for the 4K.


Vader Cutout

The weird 2D images pasted onto Vader in this shot in 2004 was recreated for the 4K.


Detention Extension

Example of the newly redone detention hallway extension.


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