Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – A Visual Guide to Changes, Fixes, and Tweaks in the Disney+ 4K Version

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Shoulder shadows

The shadow on Harrison Ford’s shoulders which were mistaken for a jacket were replaced with what looks to be computer generated shoulders in 2004, and redone in 4K by artificially lightening them. Note that the 2004 version has cropped this shot slightly.


Rank badges

An example of the 2004 fix flipping the rank badges and cylinders being redone in 4K.


TIE lasers

The lasers in this shot were redone in 2004 so they didn’t pass through the fighters. This was redone in 4K. The yellow extra laser in this frame are the cores of the lasers in the next frame, which is a mistake.


The Falcon moved

The Falcon was slightly shifted when this shot was recomposited in 2004, and again in 4K.


So those are all the changes, fixes, and tweaks spotted so far. If Drew finds more, we’ll add them here.

Meanwhile, our thanks to Drew Stewart for all his hard work! Be sure to check out his similar guides to A New Hope and Return of the Jedi here on The Digital Bits as well.

You can find Drew online on his Star Wars Revisited and Star Wars Visual Comparisons sites, and also here and here on Twitter.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the guide to The Empire Strikes Back 4K!

As always, stay tuned....

- Bill Hunt

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