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by Russell Hammond

last updated: 10/14/19

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In this section, we present all the latest cover artwork for upcoming 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and Video Game releases, organized in a handy street date calendar format! Clicking on each cover image will take you to the pre-order page for that title (at prices 25-45% off the SRP). Below you'll find selection menus that allow you to choose the Format you'd like to see, filter by category (4K, Blu-ray, DVD, Game System) and sort the results in Alphabetical or Bestselling order. You can use the navigation links to look ahead to upcoming releases or back to previous ones, arranged by street date. There's also a magnifying glass icon under each cover - hover your pointer over it to display full resolution artwork where available. (Please be aware that some covers may include contain occasional nudity or gruesome imagery which is out of our control.) We hope you find the section helpful and use it often!

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American Gangster [4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray]
Ultraman - The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
Ultraman: The Complete Series - SteelBook Edition [Blu-ray]
Ultra Q: The Complete Series - SteelBook Edition [Blu-ray]
Häxan The Criterion Collection [Blu-ray]
The Omen Collection [Blu-ray]
The Cure - 40 Live Curaetion 25 + Anniversary [Blu-ray]
Killer Nun [Blu-ray]
Star Trek: Jean-Luc Picard TV + Movie Collection [Blu-ray]
Shrek: The Ultimate Collection [Blu-ray]
Madagascar: The Ultimate Collection [Blu-ray]
DreamWorks Ultimate Holiday Collection [Blu-ray]
Scarface (1983) [Blu-ray]
Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee Complete Season Four [Blu-ray]
The Queen of Spades [Blu-ray]
And Soon the Darkness [Blu-ray]
Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
The Leg Fighters [Blu-ray]
Sudden Terror aka Eyewitness [Blu-ray]
Golden Kamuy: Season Two [Blu-ray]
The King of Queens - The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
White Christmas [Blu-ray]
Genius Party / Genius Party Beyond [Blu-ray]
Scary Movie [Blu-ray]
Chaos;Child: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
Spartacus [Blu-ray]
The Mind Benders [Blu-ray]
The Testament of Sister New Devil + The Testament of Sister New Devil Burst: Seasons 1-2 [Blu-ray]
A Simple Twist of Fate [Blu-ray]
Returned: Season 2 [Blu-ray]
My Samurai [Blu-ray]
Gebo and the Shadow [Blu-ray]
Devil's Revenge [Blu-ray]
The Stray [Blu-ray]
The Visit [Blu-ray]
90 Minutes in Heaven [Blu-ray]
Sisters [Blu-ray]
Mama [Blu-ray]
Nocturnal Animals [Blu-ray]
American Made [Blu-ray]
Lone Survivor [Blu-ray]
Mr. Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues [Blu-ray]
Titans: Season 1 2019 [Blu-ray]
SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Tenth Season
The Cure - 40 Live Curaetion 25 + Anniversary
Brokenwood Mysteries Holiday Pop-Up Collection
This Changes Everything
Secrets of the Zoo S2
And Soon the Darkness
Fury Of The Demon
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Holiday Pop-Up Collection
My Giraffe
Turkey Party
Midsomer Murders Holiday Pop-Up Collection
The Witching Season
Eternal Code
Penguin Land
The Barn
The Returned: Season Two
The Lone Ranger: Season 2
One Night In October
The Mind Benders
Sudden Terror aka Eyewitness
Deadly Reunion
A Simple Twist of Fate
Clown Of The Dead
Princess Emmy
Best Of Continental Wrestling Vol 5
Deviant Behavior
Amazing Aliens
Ephesians, A Video Study: 19 Lessons on History, Meaning, and Application
Who Needs Christmas/Why Easter Matters Video Study
Geppetto's Workshop // Jack & The Beanstalk
Mister Scrooge To See You!
Gebo and the Shadow
Showdown + My Samurai Action Double Feature
The Queen of Spades
Worlds of Ursula K Le Guin
Madagascar: The Ultimate Collection
How We Met
Shrek: The Ultimate Collection
The VeggieTales Christmas Classics Collection
DreamWorks Ultimate Holiday Collection
Scarface (1983)
Family 10-Movie Collection
Holiday Laughs 4-Movie Collection
Dance 10-Movie Collection
White Christmas
Horror 10-Movie Collection
Sci-Fi 10-Movie Collection
Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans (DVD)
Titans: Season 1 2019
Mobutu's African Movie Theater: Episode 2
Koan Of Spring
Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love
Saint Nicholas: The Real Story
Johnny Berlin Part 2: Notes From the Dumpster

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