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Blu-ray News – Better Call Saul: S1, plus Bill’s Axanar podcast, Twice Upon a Time & Michael Coate celebrates Goodfellas’ 25th

September 22, 2015 - 2:04 pm   |   by

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All right, sorry about the lack of a daily column yesterday. A friend of Sarah and me had a family emergency and needed some help, so that took up a portion of the day on Sunday and Monday. In any case, I’m going to do a couple updates today to catch up.

First things first: Our own Michael Coate posted a new History, Legacy and Showmanship column yesterday, featuring a look back at Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas on the occasion of the film’s 25th anniversary. The column features a roundtable interview with film historians Robert Casillo, Leighton Grist, and Glenn Kenny. If you haven’t already checked it out, I think you’ll really enjoy it.  [Read on here…]

Also today, I’ve mentioned here recently that I’m involved in a independent Star Trek feature film project called Axanar as its co-writer. Last week I joined producer/co-writer Alec Peters and director Robert Meyer Burnett in recording an official Axanar podcast for Trek FM about our script writing process, the story and characters, and what it is that makes great Trek. You can listen to that now on Trek FM at this link (or click on the image below). It’s also on iTunes. [Note: If you’re searching elsewhere, the episode you want is called Axanar #32: What Makes a Great Star Trek Story?]

Official Axanar Podcast #32: What Makes a Great Star Trek Story?

In announcement news, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has officially set Better Call Saul: Season One for release on 11/10. It will be available in a Blu-ray Limited Collector’s Edition ($48.95 on Amazon), a regular Blu-ray ($45.99), and DVD ($38.96). All three contain all ten uncensored episodes of the series, cast and crew commentaries on every episode, 2 featurettes (Creating the First Season and Better Call Saul: Day One), a gag reel, and Junior Brown ’s Better Call Saul music video. To this, the Blu-ray versions will add deleted scenes with commentary (by Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould and Thomas Schnauz) and 7 more featurettes (In Conversation: Bob Odenkirk & Michael McKean, Good Cop, Bad Cop: Becoming Mike, Kettle Kommentary with Craig & Betsy Kettleman, Jimmy in the Courtroom with Introduction by “Mijo” Director Michelle MacLaren, Jimmy Kaleidoscope with Introduction by Co-Creator and Executive Producer Peter Gould, Cast & Crew Table Read on “Uno”, and In the Studio with Junior Brown).  Finally, the Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray will come in custom packaging with a postcard vinyl of the Better Call Saul song performed by Brown. Here’s what they look like...

Better Call Saul: Season One (DVD)    Better Call Saul: Season One (Blu-ray Disc)    Vacation (Blu-ray Disc)

Better Call Saul: Season One - Limited Collector's Edition (Blu-ray Disc)

As you can see, we included the final cover artwork for Warner’s Vacation (2015) on Blu-ray as well.

Also, Arrow Video has set What Have You Done to Solange? for Blu-ray and DVD release on 12/15.

VEI will release We’ll Never Have Paris on 11/10.

And Warner Archive has just released the animated Twice Upon a Time (1983). They’ve also released 4 Norman Taurog films (Lucky Night – 1939, The Hoodlum Saint – 1946, The Beginning or the End – 1947, and Please Believe Me – 1950), and they’ve returned a number of Paramount titles to print including Fancy Pants (1950), Another Time, Another Place (1958), Heller in Pink Tights (1960), Oh! What a Lovely War (1969), Darling Lili (1970), Plaza Suite (1971), Hustle (1975), Lipstick (1976), and Pretty Baby (1978).

Back with more later. Stay tuned...

Bill Hunt