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Site created 12/15/97.

page updated: 11/11/99

A Few Words About the Rumor Mill

In the course of our reporting work on the Bits, we frequently speak with a variety of studio representatives and other professionals within the industry. These people provide us with official information, answer DVD-related technical questions, provide clarification on important DVD issues, and more. As a rule, they're well and/or highly placed, most working within the walls of the studios, distributors and manufacturers themselves.

Virtually every working day, in the course of our discussions, they tell us things "unofficially", giving us a look at tentative studio DVD plans for the future, sneak peeks at titles in the works, and other inside information. As the DVD industry is fast-developing, and in a constant state of change, this information cannot be considered 100% accurate. Rest assured, we don't repeat it in The Rumor Mill, until we've confirmed it with several other sources that we know are reliable. You would be amazed at how much interesting information we DON'T post that we hear. That said, the studios are CONSTANTLY changing their plans right up to the date they make an official announcement, and even after sometimes. A report can be completely accurate at the time it's relayed to us, and posted in The Rumor Mill, and then plans are changed the next day!

But our feeling is this: for the DVD format to reach its fullest potential, consumers need to know what's going on. Studios and manufacturers are (like all corporations) notorious for keeping their plans way too close to the vest. They issue far too many misleading press releases and veiled statements (many of which are written in the worst grammar you'll ever read). In short... just too much plain B.S. is coming from the industry, and while it may serve them well, we think it does a major disservice the very consumers upon which they so greatly depend.

So... in the spirit of "they can't have their cake and eat it too"... we give you The Rumor Mill. Here you will find all those juicy tidbits of industry trivia that come our way. When good stuff is in the planning stages for DVD, you'll probably hear about it here first. In fact, many a studio executive has asked us how we get such good information - we hear about some things even before they do sometimes! And many of them have told us privately that they read The Rumor Mill daily, to keep track of what their competition is up to! How's that for a testimonial? Hopefully, what you read here will help you to better gauge the behind-the-scenes goings-on within DVD industry, and give you some idea where it's headed. But consider yourself warned - this page ain't called The Rumor Mill for nothin'! Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: The information presented in the Rumor Mill is not intended to be taken as fact. Neither The Digital Bits, or its editor, are responsible or liable for any consequences resulting from said information, or its presentation here. So there! ;-)

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