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Site created 12/15/97.

page created: 1/5/99

A Look at a Region 2 DVD

Thanks to Bits reader Ted Miller, who was kind enough to send over these scans of a Region 2 copy of Fox's The Truth About Cats and Dogs. As you can see, DVDs in Region 2 are packaged in CD-sized jewel cases. Based on what I can make out on the catalog insert, lots of other DVDs are available in the region from Fox, including more X-Files episodes (gggrrrr!). Ted's brief report on the discs he has seen is presented below. Thanks again, Ted!

Disc cover (front)Disc cover (back)

DiscCatalog insert



I was looking through your archives and I noticed the item from the summer regarding Fox's region 2 DVDs. There were a couple of questions raised that it appears were not answered. I can provide you some info and scans.

When I was last in Japan (late December) I bought a Region 2 Pioneer portable DVD player with LCD screen. This player is precisely the same model as the Panasonic (also sold in Japan) -- Pioneer OEMs it from Matsushita. I also picked up a bunch of region 2 DVDs:

Alice in Wonderland (not in region 1)
Basic Instinct (16:9 in region 2 but not region 1)
Broken Arrow (not yet in region 1)
Chain Reaction (not in region 1)
Edward Scissorhands (not in region 1)
Hannah and Her Sisters (not in region 1)
Mickey Mouse: the Black and White Years (not in region 1)
Silence of the Lambs (16:9 in region 2 but not region 1)
Stargate (16:9 in region 2 but not in region 1)
The Truth About Cats and Dogs (not in region 1)
Working Girl (not in region 1)

The Fox DVDs all contain the same features: non-16x9 letterbox, English 5.1 sound, Japanese dubbed track, English and Japanese subtitles, jewel-case packaging.


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