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Site created 12/15/97.

page created: 9/28/98

Studio News -
Home Box Office

Here's a list of the extras you'll find on the 3 program DVDs of From the Earth to the Moon:

HBO First Look featurette
A special effects featurette
13 different TV spots
A virtual tour of the solar system
3D models of the space ships
Mission objectives
Kennedy's speech
A time-line of the missions
The history of the Moon

The 4th disc will be a special DVD-Rom which will feature Internet links, trivia and games, including:

The Rom side of the Moon
HBO's Docking Station
The Future of Space Travel
Out of this Solar System
Kennedy's speech (full version)
Panoramic QuickTime VR
Famous astronomers
Complete Internet access from Earthlink/Sprint


Here's a look at HBO's upcoming DVD release of From the Earth to the Moon. The set will be released on November 10th, and will include 4 dual layered discs. 3 of the discs contain 4 episodes each, and a 4th disc will contain DVD-Rom content, including trivia, games, TV spots and Internet links. There will also be some 2 hours of "behind-the-scenes" material. The whole package is contained in a special, collector's case (single disc Snapper cases will be available for rental outlets).

From the Earth to the Moon


This press release appeared on Twice today, issued from HBO Home Video regarding their upcoming DVD releases:

HBO Announces Major DVD Exclusive

July 28, 1998

By Greg Tarr

HBO Home Video announced that the Emmy Nominated original television series From The Earth To The Moon will be released exclusively in the open DVD format in a first-of-its-kind, four-disc DVD set scheduled for a November 10 street date.

HBO also recently started taking orders on two VHS versions of its original animated movie Spawn II, and revealed it will offer an "uncut" version of the program in open DVD format in November.

HBO said its From The Earth To The Moon DVD package will include all 12 hour-long episodes covering the history of the U.S. space program’s race for the moon.

The shows will be offered on three dual-layer, double-sided discs. The fourth disc will include DVD-ROM compatible content including special features on the making of the series, interviews with stars and film makers, and Internet links to Web sites that carry content relevant to the series and the Apollo program.

The movie portion of the set is to be presented in the 4:3 aspect ratio, since the program was originally shot for television broadcasts. No wide-screen versions will be available. However, HBO executives said the sound track will include 5.1-channel Dolby Digital surround sound.

The four-disc set will carry a $119.98 suggested retail price, and the order date, through HBO’s video software distributor Warner Home Video, is currently slated for October 13.

HBO executives said they plan to heavily promote the unusual DVD package, with ads in such leading consumer magazines as Time, Fortune and Entertainment Weekly.

Executives also hinted they are "working on a significant promotion with a consumer product" but because a strategic partnership was still being finalized, details were not disclosed.

The series was produced and directed by Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks, and included a cast of some of Hollywood’s most respected actors. The series recently received 17 Emmy nominations and was selected the Television Critics Association’s show of the year.

Meanwhile, HBO Home Video will release for sell-through on August 25, two VHS versions of Todd McFarlane’s animated feature Spawn II. The made for HBO feature will come in an uncut version ($22.98 MSRP) and the in a shortened PG-13 version ($14.98). The uncut version, which runs 160 minutes long, will also be available in open DVD format for a $24.98 suggested retail starting in November.


Good news! HBO has announced that they will be releasing a DVD version of From the Earth to the Moon! This amazing, 12-episode Tom Hanks project should be spinning in your DVD players on November 10th. No word yet on price or how many discs will be needed (although I would imagine a boxed set of at least 6 discs).

You can see the announcement for yourself at the official From the Earth to the Moon web site. Thanks HBO!

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