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last updated: 5/2/16

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In this section, we present all the latest cover artwork for upcoming Blu-ray, DVD and Video Game releases, organized in a handy street date calendar format! Clicking on each cover image will take you to the pre-order page for that title (at prices 25-45% off the SRP). By pre-ordering them through our links you're helping to support our on-going work here at The Digital Bits, which we really appreciate! Below you'll find selection menus that allow you to choose the Format you'd like to see, filter by category (Blu-ray, DVD, Game System) and sort the results in Alphabetical or Bestselling order. You can use the navigation links to look ahead to upcoming releases or back to previous ones, arranged by street date. There's also a magnifying glass icon under each cover hover your pointer over it to display full resolution artwork where available. (Please be aware that some covers may include contain occasional nudity or gruesome imagery which is out of our control.) We hope you find the section helpful and use it often!

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The Iron Giant: Signature Edition Ultimate Collector's Edition [Blu-ray]
Baa Baa Black Sheep: Black Sheep Squadron
Log Horizon 2: Collection 2 [Blu-ray]
When They Cry Rei [Blu-ray]
AQUARIUM 4K - The Amazing Blood Parrot Cichlid Aquarium [Blu-ray]
Coral Reef Paradise 4K - The wonderful world of coral reefs [Blu-ray]
Winter Waterfall Meditation 4K [Blu-ray]
Inspector Lewis: Season 8 [Blu-ray]
Endeavour: Complete Third Season [Blu-ray]
Requiem for the American Dream [Blu-ray]
Blood And Black Lace -Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-ray [Blu-ray]
INCAS - The Lost City Machu Picchu [Blu-ray]
The Hunt [Blu-ray]
Perfect Model Workout for Advanced 4K [Blu-ray]
MAGIC CORAL REEFS 4K - The Beauty Of The Reefscapes [Blu-ray]
Aquarium 4K - The Life Of African Perch [Blu-ray]
MYANMAR 4K IN THE MONKS LAND OF GOLD Limited Edition Filmed in 4K ULTRA HD) Blu-ray [Blu-ray]
Aquarium 4K - The Amazing World Of Diskus Fish [Blu-ray]
Aquarium 4K - The Magical Green Vegetation [Blu-ray]
Seaquest: Complete Season 2 [Blu-ray]
John Wayne Collection [Blu-ray]
Aquarium 4K - Wonderful Green World [Blu-ray]
SUNDOWN OF Dubai 4K [Blu-ray]
F1 2015 Official Review [Blu-ray]
MAYA - The Mythical Civilisation Of The Ancient World [Blu-ray]
TopBeachbody 4K Workout For Women [Blu-ray]
Perfect Model Workout for Beginners 4K [Blu-ray]
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf [Blu-ray]
AQUARIUM 4K - The Beautiful South American Aquarium [Blu-ray]
Deadline U.S.A. [Blu-ray]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Series 1-3 Collection [Blu-ray]
Jack Irish: Season 1 [Blu-ray]
Tunnel: Season 1 [Blu-ray]
Jack Irish: The Movies [Blu-ray]
Five Miles to Midnight [Blu-ray]
Death Wish II [Blu-ray]
Inspector Lewis: Season 8
Endeavour: Conplete Third Season
Downton Abbey: The Complete Collection
Silent Witness: Season 18
Silk: Season 3
Requiem for the American Dream
The Hunt
ULTIMATE Bodyweight Workout Advanced
Doctor Who: Series Five, Part Two
Concerto: a Beethoven Journey
ANIMAL WORLD VOLUME 5 (Limited Collector's Edition) REGION FREE
Nature: Nature's Perfect Partners
Hey Bartender
Massage Palace DVD The sensual massage for women and couples
Opry Video Classics II
ANIMAL WORLD VOLUME 4 (Limited Collector's Edition) REGION FREE
ULTIMATE Bodyweight Workout Beginners
Zombie King, The
Until Forever
Exorcist House Of Evil
Exorcist: The Fallen
Kate & Mim-Mim: The Mimiloo Zoo
Jacob's Hammer
Lazarus Rising
Ladies Of The House
Putin und das neue Russland
Sexsquatch 2: Teen Ape Vs. Sexsquatch
9 Months That Made You
Brutal Colors
Dinosaurs of the Jurassic
Remember When - 24 Hours of TV From the 60s
Twelve More Women of the Bible: A DVD Study: Life-Changing Stories for Women Today
Let's Rap
Historical Theology Video Lectures: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine
How's Your Soul?: A DVD Study
Nazi Megaweapons: Season 3
Because of Bethlehem/He Chose the Nails: A DVD Study: Love Is Born Hope Is Here
Leading from Here to There: A DVD Study: Five Essential Skills
Play with Fire: A DVD Study: Discovering Fierce Faith, Unquenchable Passion and a Life-Giving God
Tunnel: Season 1
Live Full Walk Free: A DVD Study: Set Apart in a Sin-Soaked World
Deadline U.S.A.
Nova: Bombing Hitler's Supergun
Crocodiles: The Last Dragon
Cherish: A DVD Study: The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage
Five Miles to Midnight
Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!
Camp Dred
The Broken Way: A DVD Study: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life
Liderar de aquí a allá - Estudio en DVD: Cinco habilidades esenciales
September Title
Systematic Theology Video Lectures: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine
Wild Kratts: Wild Reptiles
Brazilian Jazz Live
Listen, Love, Repeat: A DVD Study: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World
Remember When - 24 Hours of TV From the Baby Boomer Generation
Hitler's Rise to Power
Present Over Perfect: A DVD Study: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living
Remember When - 24 Hours of TV From the 50s
Caderno De Poesias
Nada Pode Me Parar - Ao Vivo
Wordworld: It's Time for School
Remember When - 24 Hours of TV For the Holidays
Marvel Knights Choc Box
Uninvited: A DVD Study: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXXVI
Jack Irish: Season 1
The Prodigal Son: A DVD Study: An Astonishing Study of the Parable Jesus Told to Unveil God's Grace for You
Jack Irish: The Movies
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Series 1-3 Collection

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