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Wednesday, 29 August 2018 16:35

Schindler’s List 25th anniversary screenings, Zatoichi (1989) BD MIA, Revenge of the Creature Blu-ray 3D problem & more

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All right, we’re starting with a trio of additional Blu-ray reviews for you today...

Tim has taken a look at John Flynn’s Brainscan (1994) from Scream Factory.

David offers his thoughts on Tom Konkle’s indie film noir Trouble Is My Business (2018) on BD-R.

And Dennis has checked out Albert Pyun’s direct-to-video Crazy Six from MVD Visual Entertainment.

Now then... the Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30-Film Collection, Creature from the Black Lagoon: Complete Legacy Collection, and The Invisible Man: Complete Legacy Collection all arrived in stores yesterday from Universal. [Read on here...]

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I expect to have review product in hand by this weekend and will certainly dive into it for review here on The Bits as soon as I do. But we’re already getting word of a problem with the Blu-ray 3D release of Revenge of the Creature (1955) that’s included in the 30-Film and Creature sets. Readers are reporting that the 3D presentation has been improperly authored, causing the 1080p 3D image to be badly compromised. The film was beautifully restored in 4K by Robert Furmanek’s 3-D Film Archive and was considered the highlight of these sets and something much anticipated by fans. But it’s been included on the disc in such a way that the left and right-eye imagery is presented side by side (and not one on top of the other, per the Blu-ray spec). That means it’s not full 1080p 3D as it should be. It also means that the second film included on that disc in 2D, The Creature Walks Among Us (1956), isn’t full 1080p either. Both are 720. This appears to have been done as a deliberate choice by the studio to reduce replication costs, but it’s a HUGE mistake, is completely unacceptable, and seriously compromises the presentation of both films. We’ve learned that Universal is “looking into the matter” but here’s the deal: Universal... this is a mistake and you guys need to correct it and make it right with consumers. Author a proper 1080p Blu-ray 3D of Revenge of the Creature and a separate standard Blu-ray of The Creature Walks Among Us and make them available to everyone who has purchased these sets. The Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30-Film Collection currently sells for $137 on Amazon, while the Creature set is $27 for just three films. That is WAY TOO MUCH to pay for compromised quality. Make it right, guys... by redoing it right.

For our readers: We strongly suggest that you all contact the studio’s Customer Support team – via this e-mail link and Facebook – and POLITELY ask them to address this issue.

As soon as we learn more about this, we’ll let you know.

In other disappointments today, Media Blasters’ Zatoichi (1989) Blu-ray, which was to have streeted yesterday as well, is officially a no-show. I can’t say I’m surprised. Amazon still claims it’s coming, at some point in the coming weeks, and let’s hope so. But I’m not going to hold my breath. I won’t believe this disc is real until I’m holding it in my hands.

But we’ll close with better news: Universal has just announced that Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List is returning to theaters in December in honor of the film’s 25th anniversary. Per their press release, “Universal Pictures will re-release the film with picture and sound digitally remastered – including in 4K, Dolby Cinema and Dolby Atmos – for a limited theatrical engagement on December 7, 2018, in theaters across the United States and Canada.” As we’ve reported previously, Universal has plans to release it on 4K Ultra HD late this year, so presumably that will be announced soon as well, likely to street just in time for Christmas. Again, we’ll let you know when we hear anything.

All right, to wrap things up we’ve got a look at a little bit more new cover artwork for you today (click on the images to pre-order the titles on Amazon, if available)...

Black Sails: The Complete Series (Blu-ray Disc) Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Series (Blu-ray Disc) Some Like It Hot (Blu-ray Disc)

Back tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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