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A Quiet Place: Part II, pre-order Arrow’s DUNE in 4K & Blu-ray on Amazon, and 1982: Greatest Geek Year Ever!

June 4, 2021 - 4:23 pm   |   by
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All right, just a quick update to close out the week here at The Bits, but we do have a couple of good things for you...

First, Stephen has another new 4K Ultra HD review for you, this one of George Roy Hill’s The Sting (1973) from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Sounds like it’s a solid remaster, so do give it a look.

In release news, this isn’t to be considered an official announcement per se (that will come later), but John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place: Part II is now available for pre-order on Amazon and elsewhere in Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD.

Street date hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, but our sources tell us that 7/27 is the likely date. You can see the cover artwork at left and also below. We’ve updated our 4K Ultra HD Release List here at The Bits accordingly. [Read on here...]

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In other news today, our old friends Mark A. Altman and Roger Lay, Jr. have just launched a new Kickstarter effort to raise the funds to make a great new documentary called 1982: Greatest Geek Year Ever! As those of you who regularly attend San Diego Comic-Con or Wonder-Con in Anaheim may already know, this project began as a regular series of panel discussions looking back at the films of the 1980s, several of which I’ve participated in. 1982 was an extraordinary year for genre cinema, seeing the release of Blade Runner, TRON, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Poltergeist, Creepshow, The Thing, Mad Max 2, Conan the Barbarian, The Dark Crystal, Firefox, and many more. This documentary will celebrate the 40th anniversary of that terrific year with new interviews with the filmmakers involved, as well as fans, historians, and more. Click here or on the poster art below (which features a logo Star Trek’s Mike Okuda) to support this project if you’re interested!

1982: Greatest Geek Year Ever! (Documentary Kickstarter)

And finally, pre-orders for Arrow’s new DUNE 4K and Blu-ray SKUs are all now live on So here’s look at those (just click on the covers to pre-order)...

DUNE: 2-Disc Limited Edition (4K Ultra HD) DUNE: 3-Disc STEELBOOK Limited Edition (4K Ultra HD) DUNE: 2-Disc Limited Edition (Blu-ray Disc)

A Quiet Place: Part II (4K Ultra HD) A Quiet Place: Part II (Blu-ray Disc) Indiana Jones: 4-Film Collection (4K Ultra HD)

Back tomorrow with more. Stay tuned!

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