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Monday, 01 June 2020 18:32

The Goonies 4K is up for pre-order on Amazon, plus new Blu-ray reviews and word of more 4K catalog titles

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Well... what a fu@%ing year the last week has been here in the States. Here’s hoping the new week fares a little better.

We begin it with a little bit of 4K Ultra HD release news, and some new reviews too.

Let’s get to the reviews first...

Our very own Tim Salmons has checked out Michael Curtiz’s King Creole (1958), a classic Elvis title now on Blu-ray from Paramount. Sounds like this one is a little better than To Catch a Thief was, but it does seem that the Paramount Presents line is off to a bit of a rough start. Here’s hoping the studio gets it together on these.

Tim has also posted reviews of John Hughes’ Sixteen Candles (1984) on Blu-ray from Arrow Video and Norman Z. McLeod’s Alice in Wonderland (1933) on Blu-ray from Kino Lorber Studio Classics. Do give them a look. [Read on here...]

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Now then, that 4K Ultra HD release news we promised...

For Italian horror fans, Blue Underground has officially announced the 8/25 release of Lucio Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery (1981) and The New York Ripper (1982). They’ll include new 4K scans along with HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range and Dolby Atmos audio.

Meanwhile, Universal has confirmed that Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus will arrive on 4K Ultra HD on 7/21, also with a new 4K scan (the same one used for the most recent Blu-ray restoration). It will also feature HDR10 high dynamic range and DTS-X audio.

But we’re not done yet for Kubrick fans: Warner is planning to release Full Metal Jacket on 4K Ultra HD in September (the latest intel suggests a street date of 9/22). Warner also has the CG-animated Scoob planned for release sometime in June (street date TBA). Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows are also expected this summer from Warner in 4K.

And you may have seen our banner update on The Bits’ home page over the weekend, but Warner has officially set The Goonies: Exclusive Giftset for 4K Ultra HD pre-order on (click here or on the image below for the link). Street date is TBA, but we expect it tentatively on 9/1. The giftset is likely to be an Amazon exclusive, but a standard edition 4K release is also expected widely that day. Here’s a look at the open packaging...

The Goonies (Amazon exclusive 4K Ultra HD)

We don’t have any other details yet, but we would expect an official announcement soon.

Also, one last note: We’ve learned that HBO’s Westworld: Season Three will officially carry the subtitle The New World. The latest intel from our sources is that it’s coming in late September or early October (we do know that the UK street date is expected to be 10/5).

Finally today, this has nothing whatsoever to do with Blu-ray or 4K, but my friend Robert Meyer Burnett shared this with me today and fans of 2001: A Space Odyssey will appreciate it. It’s footage of yesterday’s NASA/SpaceX Crew Dragon mission to dock with the International Space Station set to Strauss’ The Blue Danube...

Hey, we’ve gotta take the positive where we can get it. This SpaceX launch has been a ray of hope in dark times.

All right, everyone stay safe and COVID free out there. Cheers!

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